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Sprawling over 2,750 sq km of the Chotanagpur plateau, Simlipal Odisha, a sanctuary, is lying in the Mayurbhanj District of in the state of Orissa. Among the UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve in India, the Simlipal tiger reserve is listed among the 18 selected reserves to protect Tiger that is the endangered national animal of India. Its tiger reserve is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Simlipal. Apart from that, Simlipal Travel Guide is so vivid that it provides a number of marvelous places to visit in and around Simlipal. Visited by a number of tourists every year, Simlipal National Park is lacks nothing to make you experience the real thrill, a full refreshment of your mind and body both.

The place is the erstwhile hunting grounds of the Mayurbhanj royal family. In 1956, it was developed as a tiger reserve. Later in 1979, it got the status of 'National Park'. An abode for 99 tigers, the ecosystem of the Mahandi-biogeographic region is also a home to 230 different species of birds, improved population of the crocodiles after 'mugger crocodile campaign' of 1973, 42 varieties of mammals and 30 varieties of reptiles blossoming in the sanctuary’s protected areas. The national park also houses 432 wild Asiatic elephants, Sambar, Cheetal, 4 horned antelopes, panthers, gaurs, pangolin, giant squirrels.

You can also find the 87 species gorgeous orchids flourishing in the green grasslands Simlipal along with the Sal dominated forest. The national park also gives space to 501 species of plants of enormous medicinal and aromatic significance, the red simul trees after which the 'Simlipal' is named.

The place is blessed with immense natural beauty and provides an ideal space for camping and picnic around the falls of Joranda, Barehipani and Newani, in the vicinity of picturesque mountain range. Among the 12 rivers found here, Deo, Palapala Bandan, Kahairi and Burhabalanga are paramount.

The period from 1st November to 15th June is the recommended period to visit Simlipal Sanctuary which remains closed for the rest of the year.


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